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Peace Man...

Over the moon to create a little logo for such a lovely chap.

Mark Peace will be creating a blog called ‘Peacy’ ( and will be blogging about cycling, and in particular the John O’Groats to Lands End race he will be doing in the summer next year. He will be writing about all aspects of what he will be doing (training, diet, bikes, equipment etc) including updates when he is riding riding next summer and full report once he’s finished.

I can’t wait.

Mark is putting content together at the moment (including writing about his last John O’Groats ride a few years back) and have booked cycling events as part of his training which he will be blogging about.

The logo is modern yet retro in homage to the old cycling race called the Peace race from the soviet era. With a couple of niche touches towards Mark. The colours in particular relate to a particular favourite poster of Marks from the 50s.


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